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The Beatles

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Early Beatles

Contrast John & Paul:

Forming the Band:

Entrance to the Cavern Club in Liverpool.


Listen to early music of the Beatles (Beat Brothers)

George Martin contemplates George Martin, the "fifth Beatle"




Listen to early music of the Beatles, part 2

Love Me Do

(US #1, 5/64)

Please Please Me

(UK #1, 3/63; US #3, 2/64)

From Me to You

(UK #1, 4/63)

She Loves You

(UK #1, 1963; US #1, 2/64)

late 1963 - British version of Beatlemania is in full swing

The Sound of the Beatles LIVE, pre-American Beatlemania

A very interesting pespective about the Beatles' live sound is provided by Coling Fleming in this article in the Atlantic entitled "50 years later: The greatest Beatles performance of all time, (Oct. 24, 2013)," in which he claims that this performance debunks the myth that the Beatles sounded terrible in performance. There are numerous recordings included of a performance before an audience of about 100 people at Stockholm's Karlaplansstudion on October 24, 1963; thankfully, this performance was broadcast over the radio and is now available on YouTube. This performance was during a period when, less than a year ago, the band had completed their last residency at Hamburg's Reeperbahn distric and preceding their surreal arrival in Amercan in February 1964 and the infamous Ed Sullivan Show appearances. Noticeably absent from this recording is the hysterical screaming that became a part of Beatles live performances shortly after ... so you can actually hear the band very well; and they sound good! Enjoy this "blast from the past" ...

February 1964 - Beatlemania Arrives in America

The British Invasion - 2/2/64 Beatles in 1964 Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

Brian Epstein in a Beatle wig (with Paul)
Brian Epstein sporting a "Beatle wig" (with Paul); photo taken in 1964 by Ringo

Beatles in concert

Picking up their Gold Records in 1964

4/4/64 - Beatles held the Top 5 spots on the Billboard Charts

  1. Can't Buy Me Love
  2. Twist & Shout
  3. She Loves You
  4. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  5. Please, Please Me


1964-65 - life as rock stars was in full swing

By 1965, Lennon & McCartney were rarely writing songs together

August 1965 - release their second movie: Help! ... here's the opening segment, with the absurd "set-up": video of the Beatles - the opening from "Help!"


The Beatles receive their MBEsclick to see video
[click photo to see a video interview with the Beatles about this award]

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[Click image above to see an interview of
The Beatles discussing their experience in the Phillipines

Musical style of the Beatles' Early Period:

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