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Protest Songs

Click on the "play" button on any of the QuickTime media control bars below (you must have the QuickTime plug-in installed); to see lyrics for a given song, click the "lyrics" link next to the control bar for any of the songs and a PDF containing the words will open in a new window. These songs are largely "first take," so don't expect perfection ... I just want you to get a sense of how it feels to have your own words set to music ... and also to determine the extent to which you believe supplying music for these narratives enhances (or not) the ability of the words to tell the intended story.

I hope I captured at least to some extent what the groups hoped to express ... my thanks to Aiden Moore (my son & professional musician) for his assistance with the songs this year. You can hear some of Aiden's music on the page with Dr. L's photos and past music.

Summer Session 2014

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